Out script parameters

Link to out script: /ftt2/o.php. You can provide following parameters in link to out script:

url or u – Content url. Special symbols like & should be encoded like it does urlencode() function in php.

eurl – Content url base64 encoded.

link or l – Link name for link tracking.

pct or p or s – skim percent or skim scheme. Skim percent is the chance in percent to go to content url for surfer clicking this link. You can also define skim scheme in this parameter. Something like this: pct=100,70,60 (that means first click will go to content with 100% probability, second – with 70% and all others with 60%. Instead of defining skim scheme directly in this parameter, you can provide here only id of skim scheme defined in admin area in Settings->Skim Schemes using this syntax: pct=s3 , where 3 is the number of skim scheme defined in admin area. If no skim parameter in o.php provided, default skim scheme defined in Settings->Skim Schemes will be used.

first=1 or f=1 – if set to 1, first click will be sent to content

group or g or niche or cat – group or groups comma separated ( for niche trading ).

any – if any=1, that overrides default group handling type  (Settings->Trade Engine->Default Groups handling type) to soft groups. That means if where are no unvisited trades in outlist with group/groups defined in group parameter, script will send click to any other trade. If any=0,  that overrides default group handling type to hard groups. That meand if where are no unvisited trades in outlist with group/groups defined in group parameter, script will send click to some of already visited trades, or to exout url ( depends on setting in Settings->Trade Engine->Use Exout feature in admin interface ).

perm – used for permanent links to particular trader. Parameter could contain trade id, trade domain or trade url. Example: <a href='/ftt2/o.php?perm=sometrader.com'>Link to Some Trader</a>

nr=1 – if set to 1, no permanent redirect will be performed for that link. It’s usuful to provide as return url to your traffic broker link to your out script with parameter nr=1 so that surfer for sure will not be sent again to traffic broker.

r=ID, where ID – numeric ID of permanent redirect rule in Settings->Redirects. If this parameter set to valid redirect ID, script will send hit to URL in this redirect rule  regardless of skim scheme defined in redirect rule ( all other redirect filters such as countries, groups etc still remain ). Useful if you want to send surfer to random url in predefined set of urls ( which you define in permanent redirect rule ).

Don’t hesitate to comment this article if something is unclear.


  1. Alex says:

    FTT is Definitely the best TTrading script i’ve used so far and its quite affordable Smile

  2. youriy999 says:

    url или u — Ссылка на контент
    А как это настроить по типу Settings->Skim Schemes
    Чтобы линк был простой

  3. Admin says:

    Никак. Можно сделать только промежуточный скрипт, который будет инклюдить o.php и в котором передаваемая переменная u1 будет трансформирована в конкретный url.
    Что-то типа:
    < ?php if($_GET['u'] == 'u1') $_GET['u'] = 'http://someurl.com/'; include 'o.php'; ?>
    Если я правильно понял что требуется.

  4. corel123 says:

    не видит ины и клики от трейдера , клики только в “суммарно”
    ссылка out: /ftt2/o.php
    in: между head путь к in.php правильный

  5. corel123 says:

    Почему не добавляется страница для редиректа всего траффика трейдера??? Не сохраняется!

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