Settings documentation

Security settings

In Settings->Security you can set some useful configuration values that explains them self. The first one you should consider to change is Session expiration time in seconds. You may want to increase it, so you will be logged in for long time without need to re-login. The second – Timezone for Main Admin. By default it’s UTC. You may change it to the one you are in, so that all statistics will be in your time zone.

Signup Page settings

In Settings->Signup Page->Main Signup Settings you can set some basic configuration values for your auto-signup page located on /ftt2/signup.php. Enter here your Site Name, email, ICQ and other details.
In Settings->Signup Page->Signup Defaults you can define default parameters for usual trade added via auto-signup form. Also you can define here groups webmaster can choose on signup form for new trade. By default, usual trade added via auto-signup form needs to be manually activated by you, before script will start to send traffic back.
In Settings->Signup Page->Partner Signup Defaults you can define default parameters for partner trades added via auto-signup form. By default, partner trade activated automatically and script starts sending traffic back immidiately.

Trade Engine settings

In Settings->Trade Engine you can configure trade algorithm and other settings that control traffic distribution.

Trade algorithm could be effect, stable and ratio. If  effect or stable choosed, script will send more to traders with more qualified clicks. If ratio choosed – script will send more to traders with more qualified ins. Of course that is most primitive explanation. Actually, trade depends on many factors. Difference between effect and stable only in handling of stability ( look for Stability factor explanation  below ). effect algorithm uses long term and short term “qualified clicks” data for that and stable algorithm uses long term and short term “unique in” data. So, stable algorithm is sensitive to changes of “unique in” from trader and effect is sensitive to changes of “clicks” from trader. Script uses long-term stats (for last 24 hours) and short-term stats (for last hour) to decide where to send surfer. Stability factor setting defines how to weight short-term stats to long-term stats. If it set to 1, script will use only short-term stats. If 0 – only long-term stats. By default it’s 0.5.

Outlist type could be fixed, dynamic and accurate.
Fixed outlist – the outlist with fixed weights of each position ( you can provide these weights in field Fixed Outlist Weights comma separated ), so that trade will be sent to one of these positions with probability depending on weight of that position. This outlist type is good for keeping big established trades always on top, delivering to them better traffic.
Dynamic outlist – the outlist with dynamic weights for each position. These weights depends on how much hits script owe to this trade. With small outlist length this outlist type also good to keep big established trades on top, delivering them better traffic. With bigger outlist lengths script will not only keep big established trades, but also will give quality traffic to smaller ones, but not very stable.
Accurate outlist – with this outlist type on each click script will re-count owed hits of each trade in outlist and will send surfer to unvisited trade to which script owes maximum hits. So, the trade will be absolutely accurate and all trades (small or big) will get almost same quality traffic. You may think that recounting owed hits on each click for each trader may be too slow and you right, BUT FTT2 uses memory tables and some other techniques allowing to do that accurate trade handling almost with same speed as with fixed outlist! But do not set Maximum Outlist Length for each group too big with this outlist type (50 is enough). This outlist type is good at starting new site and good for established site as well. This is default outlist type.

Minimum Outlist Length for each group – that is not the minimum without which script will not work. Script will work even with one trader in db. Just if number of active trades lower than this value, outlist will be filled with dead trades to this amount (if they exists).
Maximum Outlist Length for each group – that is the maximum of active trades in outlist for each group/niche.

Anticheat settings

FTT2 has very powerful anticheat system. The main idea of that system is not autostopping trades with sites that sends too much proxy or too much bots ( as you may notice even good established traders may sometimes send suspicious traffic or bots, so blocking them not a good idea ), but to return to traders traffic equal to the quality of trader’s traffic. If 50% of trader’s clicks are bots – script will return traffic only for 50% real surfers. Of course you may want to monitor sometimes trades and blacklist cheaters. All suspiciuos trade stats will be marked red in Main Stats.

  • Enable Click Again adjustments – very important feature that allows to adjust trade return depending on percentage of surfers that click again after visiting trader. Always recommended to turn it On and that is default.
  • Adjust Ratio for traders depending on countries weight – you can set country weights in Settings->Quality Adjustments and if that setting On, script will adjust return to traders depending on trader’s weight.
  • Check each IP against monthly uniqueness. – This feature allows you to see %LSU (Longterm/shortterm uniqueness) parameter in Main Stats. Very usuful to catch cheaters with botnet traffic. If %LSU too low that means they sends same surfers to you every day.
  • Adjust clicks weight according to percentage of monthly unique traffic comparing to short term unique traffic – If On,script will adjust trade return depending on %SLU parameter. So, sites that tries to send you same surfers every day ( doesn’t matter if that is botnet or bookmark traffic ) will not get return for that same surfers.
  • Check for images loading and do not qualify clicks from surfers who do not load images. –  If On, script will not return traffic for surfers who do not load images ( that also implies to surfers with Javascript Off ).
  • Check traders for malware content and notify me if malware detected. – Script will check each trader for malware using Google Safebrowsing API ( same used by Firefox and Chrome ) and will notify you by email if malware found.
  • Filter noimg traffic – If On, script will filter all surfers who do not load images or Javascript Off. Script may send these surfers to content if you will change change filtered traffic redirect type in Trade Engine setting to do so.
  • Qualify only clicks from known browsers – If On, script will not return traffic for unknown browsers or bots.
  • Qualify only clicks from surfers with gzip encoding enabled in browser (all real surfers without proxy have it enabled) – If On, script will not return traffic for surfers of browsers without gzip encoding feature ( all modern browsers have gzip encoding feature, except ones who use some proxies )
  • Use CONNECTION header to determine proxies. – This setting allows you to catch anonymous proxies and some bots, since they usually do not use Keep-Alive feature. But if you use http proxy like nginx or lighttpd in front of apache, you should always turn this feature off, since frontend also do not use Keep-Alive feature and script will just show that all your surfers comes from proxy. By default Off.
  • Qualify nocookie clicks – If On, script will return traffic for clicks of surfers with cookies turned Off. I do not recommend qualify nocookie clicks, although script can track surfers not only by cookies, but also by IP, since that opens your site for special cheater attacks – cheater may send nocookie traffic only to you and to other traders, who count it and you will send that nocookie traffic to traders who do not count it and you will not get return for that. So, cheater gets return from you for clicks, that useless for you.

All other anticheat settings are self explained.


  1. sexypos says:

    Хорошо было бы еще добавить поиск по удаленным трейдерам.
    Чтобы при анализе нового трейдера сразу видеть был/есть ли с ним трейд или он полностью новый.

  2. ramzor says:

    автообновление админки через заданный интервал времени отсутствует? нашел только кнопку “вручную”, неудобно имхо.

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