FTT2 License prices

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Unlimited domain license prices:

first domain unlimited license: $200
2nd, 3rd, 4th domain unlimited licenses: $150 each
5th-9th domain unlimited licenses: $130 each
10th and all next domain unlimited licenses: $100 each

Unlimited server license prices:

With server license you can have unlimited amount of domains within one server and all of them will be licensed. It doesn’t matter if server has multiple IPs and some domains located on different IP’s. Move to another server is free.

first server unlimited license: $700
2nd, 3rd server unlimited licenses: $560 each
4th-6th server unlimited licenses: $490 each
7th and all next server unlimited licenses: $420 each

Annual licenses

Annual licenses works for one year. After that if you will not renew it, script will start to skim 1% of trade clicks ( as free version ). If you renew it during 3 years, license becomes unlimited.

Annual domain license prices:

first domain annual license: $100
2nd, 3rd, 4th domain annual licenses: $75 each
5th-9th domain annual licenses: $65 each
10th and all next domain annual licenses: $50 each

Annual server license prices:

first server annual license: $350
2nd, 3rd server annual licenses: $280
4th-6th server annual licenses: $245
7th and all next server annual licenses: $210

Upgrading from Fast Traffic Trader 1.x prices

For annual licenses upgrading is free. Just contact us. For unlimited licenses the upgrade fee for domain license is $15, for server license: $50. Contact us to make the upgrade.

Free version

Free version takes 1% of outgoing clicks to trades (clicks to content/galleries not touched) to clean, no-console sites. So, if you have a site, which sends 70% to content and 30% to trades, script will take just 0.3% of all clicks.

We accept paypal, paxum, webmoney