Welcome to Fast Traffic Trader 2 home page.

Warning! This script is outdated and not recommended to install, look at Total Traffic Trader as alternative

Fast Traffic Trader 2 designed specially for webmasters with lot’s of sites to save their time managing them all.
Some of FTT2 features:

  • Fast and accurate
  • Very User friendly
  • Customizable MULTI-SITE and MULTI-SERVER admin interface
  • One page to manage trades for all your sites on all servers!
  • Accurate Niche Trading realization no other script has!
  • SE keywords statistics
  • Share surfer’s info about visited traders between sites on one server
  • Auto upgrade system allows you to upgrade all your FTT2 copies on all servers in one click
  • Trade could be activated/edited/deleted/blacklisted on several sites simultaniously!
  • Notifications to email about significal traffic drop on your site.
  • Notification to email and/or auto suspend trade if traffic from trade suddenly dropped ( useful if trader has deleted your site without notifying you and you has forces up).
  • Notification to email and/or auto suspend trade if trader’s site down.
  • Permanent Redirects – you can set which countries and which type of traffic and how many percents to redirect to some url/url’s. Useful for redirecting to traffic brokers.
  • Strong Anticheat system! Even if cheater tries to cheat you by mixing real surfers with network of bots with full browser emulation, script will return depending on real surfers percentage!

Fast Traffic Trader requires PHP5 and MySQL 4.1+.

Please read the installation guide
Free version takes 1% of trade clicks to clean, no-console sites.
During beta testing period price drops by 50%! Just use coupon code BETATESTER when you buy license.

You can see the demo of FTT2 admin interface (login: demo, password: demo ). That is just to feel the interface. Database is empty and you will have read-only access.