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Author Topic: What is deep web, dark web and surface web?
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Post What is deep web, dark web and surface web?
on: March 18, 2023, 20:59

If you think you can only download the TOR browser, search for sites selling drugs, and buy them without getting caught, then you are in for a surprise. With the police crawling on the dark web, it is very easy to expose actually engaging in illegal activities, even if your identity is theoretically anonymous.

Although a TOR browser makes it so that your IP address cannot be tracked, it is not Ironclade security, especially if the user does not know what they are doing. Someone completely new to the Dark Web might think that they can use it safely only by downloading the TOR browser and booting it, but it is crooked.

5. scammer as far as the eye can see

With so much illegal activity on the Deep web link, it is basically a scammer's paradise. There are very few ways to verify that the user you are interacting with is legitimate, so it is very easy for scammers to pose as vendors and rip people off completely.

Dark Web users tell all kinds of stories about how scammers were ripped into the Dark Web. Many scammers will pose as dealers, accept all your bitcoins, and then never deliver drugs as they never have before. Black market sites such as Silk, Evolution and Agora all had rating systems for sellers, such as eBay, but users reported that sellers with higher ratings also occasionally took bitcoins and failed to deliver the promised goods.

After closing some sites posed as successors of the Silk Road simply posted fake products, took payment in bitcoins and then took the sites down completely, with hundreds of people disappearing with bitcoin.

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